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Veterinary Voices Hiking Group

Trauma Awareness Course, Lake District

As veterinary professionals we may feel like we are confident at dealing with medical emergencies and even CPR, would this be the same when faced with a human casualty? Imagine how you would react, away from a medical setting, with a human casualty and help is miles away.

After a 'Community Mastermind' session at London Vet Show, Co-founders of the Veterinary Voices Hiking Group, Robyn Lowe and Paul Horwood, realized that the factor holding a lot of people back from going out hiking and exploring was confidence. So, to help with this, Paul and Robyn have set up events throughout the year to help grow the community's confidence in hiking, navigation and outdoor safety.

The first event, took place on the 17th and 18th of May in the Lake District, and was a two day event. Day One, a Trauma Awareness Course led by Mike Hope at Sandstone Communications and day two, a community hike across the Fairfield Horseshoe.

After arriving on Thursday night, staying at the incredible Camping Barn at Lowside Farm, the group started the Friday morning with a basic life support session, before heading to Blencathra to work on some real life simulations. This allowed the team to understand that the terrain of casualties are often challenging and unlike what you find in a 'class room' environment.

The team also tackled Sharp Edge; many of the team were helped to cross under the support and guidance of the group leaders, ensuring that they gained confidence on more challenging scrambles, and could recognize the ways to safely traverse these ridge lines.

Day two was another great day for the Veterinary Voices Hiking Group, supported by Norbrook and PetsApp, who understand the importance of raising awareness of this initiative to get the profession out 'walking and talking' for both physical and mental health benefits. We were delighted to have Dan Griffiths, from Norbrook, join the hike to see why supporting and raising awareness of these events are so important.

The sun came out for a group walk, of around 18 Km, across the Fairfield Horseshoe. The group enjoyed mixed terrain, great views and lots of great conversation.

Next up is a Navigation Course in the Brecon Beacons to help upskill the community in navigation skills that will set them up for pushing their confidence and allowing more people to try new places safely. To join, please request to join our Facebook group, or email us FAO Robyn at


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