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Vet Voices On Air

The team at Veterinary Voices discuss topical and controversial issues with key opinion leaders from the veterinary profession.


01 Dealing With Imposter Syndrome
with Katie Ford

Despite passing all their exams and being fully qualified, many veterinary professionals feel as though they are somehow a fraud, not capable of doing their job to a high enough standard, and going to be found out.


"Imposter syndrome is often the curse of high achievers."

In this humourous and personal discussion, Danny Chambers and Katie Ford discuss how vets can identify and deal with Imposter Syndrome.

Katie Ford is a vet, a coach, and an expert in dealing with Imposter Syndrome. More info at and here on Vet Voices.

02 Tackling Misinformation and Pseudoscience in Veterinary Medicine
with Michael Marshall

We know many animal owners use alternative medicines on their animals, including homeopathy and reiki. There is also a growing anti-vaxxer movement among some pet owners. Sometimes these non-scientific beliefs can have devastating effects.

In this enlightening episode, Danny Chambers engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Michael Marshall. 

Marsh, as he is known, is a renowned campaigner on pseudoscience and advocate for evidence-based healthcare. He is Editor of the Skeptic Magazine, which has the tagline 'Reason with compassion', and he also serves as the Project Director of the Good Thinking Society.

Together, Danny and Marsh delve into the challenges of combating misinformation and pseudoscience within veterinary care.  Listeners are invited to explore the detrimental effects psudeoscientific practices like homeopathy, chiropractic treatments can have on animal welfare, and how best to engage with owners who wish to use these alternative medicines.

Through candid discussions and evidence-based perspectives, we highlight the importance of upholding scientific rigor and ethical standards to ensure the veterinary profession are safeguarding the well-being of animals everywhere.

03 Dog Bites - Is It All A Big Misunderstanding?
with Sophie White

Dog bites and attacks have been in the news more frequently over the last few months. The majority of dog bites occur in the home with dogs biting their owners or family members. 

How do we protect ourselves from dog bites? 

According to Sophie White, a vet from Veterinary Behaviour Support⁠, many dog bites occur because we fail to understand the warning signs.

Sophie explains to Danny that by improving our understanding of dog body language our ability to read how dogs are feeling in various situations, the majority of dog bites can be prevented altogether. 


They also discuss how some common training techniques which have been popularised by social media and TV shows can actually increase dog aggression.

04 Compassion Under Pressure - Mental Health Support for the Veterinary Profession
with James Russell

It's a shocking statistic that veterinary surgeons are four times more likely to take their own life than the national average.  Fortunately there is support available. 


"There's nothing selfish about prioritising your mental health because others will suffer, not just you." 

Join us as we discuss the work of the charity ⁠Vetlife⁠, who are dedicated to providing crucial mental health support to over 4000 members of the veterinary profession every year.

Through heartfelt conversation, James Russell (President of Vetlife) and Danny Chambers (trustee of Vetlife) open up about their personal motivations and stories that led them to champion mental health support within the veterinary community, and how you can get involved. 

05 To Err Is Human - Unpacking Human Factors in Veterinary Care
with Dan Tipney

"Around 75- 80% of adverse outcomes in aviation are due to human factors - not due to a lack of skill or knowledge, but due to problems with communication, leadership, or decision making. This figure seems to be the same in veterinary medicine."


Dan Tipney, a former flying instructor, speaks to Danny Chambers as we unravel the benefits of integrating checklists and fostering a just culture within veterinary practices to improve patient safety and improve mental health of the veterinary team.

It's very rare that a lack of clinical knowledge or technical skill leads to complications or deaths of animals in a veterinary practice.  Dan and Danny explore real-world scenarios, such as the case of a dog being discharged from surgery without antibiotics because of the a change in a team member on that particular day, and how these situations can be avoided.

Dan Tipney is one of the team at ⁠VetLed⁠, who believe passionately that a Human Factors approach is a significant part of a long-term and sustainable solution to the challenges that the veterinary profession faces today.

06 The Brachycephalic Crisis - How Should the Veterinary Profession Respond?
with Dan O'Neill

The popularity of brachycephalic dogs has soared over the past decade, and the pet owning public seem to be largely unaware of the suffering these dogs endure due to their extreme conformation. 

"All I do is fight fires."


The Veterinary Voices team Robyn Lowe and Danny Chambers chat to Dan O'Neill from the RVC and Vet Compass about his new paper in the Veterinary Record 'All I do is fight fires' which explores why the veterinary profession is struggling to deal with the 'brachycephalic crisis.'


Why do people want to breed and own dogs born into a lifetime of suffering?  What is the effect on vets and vet nurses who have to regularly deal with the severe health problems associated with this breed?

07 Catalyst for Change - A Conversation 
with Malcolm Morley

There have been a lot of changes and challenges in the veterinary profession over the last few years - how do we best adapt to the change?

Malcolm Morley, senior BVA President, chats to Danny Chambers about the various challenges and opportunities facing the veterinary profession right now - a younger workforce requiring more flexible working patterns, Brexit, Covid, workforce shortages, the CMA review, legislation reform, and supporting women through menopause. 

08 Are Vets Money-Grabbers?
The Reasons Behind the CMA Investigation

with Paul Horwood

Why is the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigating the veterinary industry, and what exactly do they aim to uncover? 

Why are prices for veterinary treatment so emotive compared to other professions and services?

In this 20 minute chat, Paul Horwood and Danny Chambers discuss all you need to know to understand the CMA's investigation and how there may well be long-term benefits for the veterinary profession.

09 Kibble, Raw or Vegan Diets - Which Is Best For Our Pets? 
with Mike Davies

Did you know that a staggering 40-60% of dogs are overweight? 

In this eye-opening episode, we confront the startling statistic when we analyse 'complete' diets, only 35% of dry food and a mere 6% of wet food meet FEDIAF guidelines. 

Join Danny Chambers as he delves into the complex world of pet nutrition with Mike Davies, RCVS Specialist in Clinical Nutrition. 

But what about alternative diets like raw meat? Are they any better, or are they just too big a risk to human health?  And are vegan diets actually better for sustainability?

10 Crufts - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 
with Alison Slipper and Sean McCormack

Is a pedigree synonymous with good health? 

In the bustling halls of Crufts 2024, where over 24,000 dogs proudly strutted their stuff, breeders, owners, the international media and dog lovers met to celebrate over 200 dog breeds. 

But amidst the glitz and glamour, there's a sobering reality. Some animal welfare advocates and veterinary professionals voiced concerns over the slow progress in breed health, questioning the decisions to crown dogs with extreme conformation as best of breed.

Our guests are Alison Skipper, who has a PhD in the history of dog breeding and who is also a member of the veterinary team at Crufts, and Sean McCormack, a media vet who is also a passionate welfare advocate.


Join Robyn Lowe and Danny Chambers in this thought-provoking debate as we navigate the complexities and nuances of pedigree, health, and ethics in the world of competitive dog breeding.

11 Thriving Under Pressure: Decision Making During Emergencies
with Duana McBride

In moments of crisis, split-second decisions can make all the difference between life and death.  But how do we equip ourselves to navigate emergencies with clarity and confidence?

Join Danny Chambers, an emergency out-of-hours equine vet, as he delves into the art of thriving under pressure with Duana McBride, an specialist in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care from ⁠Vetled⁠.

Together, they explore proactive strategies for preparation, maintaining a composed mindset amidst chaos, and the implementation of effective protocols to alleviate the weight of emergencies.


Discover invaluable insights that not only enable you to manage high-stakes situations but to find fulfillment in the process.

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