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Veterinary Voices Hiking Group

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

2022: The year to walk and talk

As 2022 draws to a close, we reflect on a year that has seen some incredible highs and some devastating lows in our wonderful community. The Veterinary Voices Hiking Group looks back at a year of adventure, and a year of walking and talking for our physical and mental wellness.

Braving Storm Eunice

Start start of 2022 started off with some strong winds, rain and snow. But the Veterinary Voices Hikers set out regardless for a weekend in the Lake Distract, guided by co-founder Robyn Lowe to explore the snow topped hills.

It was a great start to the year, and a chance to regroup and talk about the possible adventures we could embark on in 2022!

The National Three Peaks Challenge!

Another great trip, and a challenge for the team who raced against the clock to complete the national three peaks - Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon.

Founder Paul Horwood led the team up Ben Nevis and Scafell, navigating Scafell in the light of head torches as the moon. Co-founder Robyn had fun navigating Snowdon, the last of the peaks to finish an incredible trip.

The team raised over £3500 for Vetlife Charity and experienced incredible weather for such trip... until Snowdon where they battled some terrible horizonal rain and wind!

The Herriot Way

The end of the year saw one of the wettest days we had walked in, the rain started early and did not stop! Thankfully the rest of the Herriot Way cleared up so we could enjoy some of the beautiful countryside with an incredible team of old and new friends. At this point over £5000 has been raised for the charity Vetlife.

Where the Veterinary Voices Hikers have adventured

Over the year our group, our community, have done the most incredible things.

They have conquered, walked, strolled, hiked and adventured in the hot and cold, the wind and the rain, the valleys and the mountains.

And what does this achieve? Walking, exercising and the great outdoors are fantastic for our physical and mental health. But walking also gives us the opportunity to connect, to re-group, to talk candidly, to understand that we are not alone, that sometimes we need some tranquility in nature - whether alone or with friends, colleagues or someone new. These new connections and networks can have a profoundly positive impact on our lives.

We are so proud of what this community has achieved, 2023 will see more friendships blooming, more adventure, more hiking and more fundraising for incredibly worthwhile causes.

On to our next adventures

Like what you see? Want to join our community? We have more exciting hikes planned next year, kindly sponsored by Norbrook Group

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