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One Man Walking, A Million Talking

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Sensitive Topic: Suicide

20th October 2019 saw our veterinary community lose a valued member – Cameron.

His family describes Cameron as full of life, with such love for his friends and family. He loved life, he loved Scotland, he loved travelling, he loved his livestock and his dog. Cameron at 24 years old enjoyed so many activities and appeared to have no obvious psychiatric illness.

Following his death by suicide his family have embarked upon a journey, a journey of learning, a journey of education, a journey of open and honest conversation.

This journey has not just been on an emotional level, a physical journey is also about to embark - 1200 miles to be exact. John, Isobel and friends John and Lorriane will be walking lands end to john o'groats. They aim to raise awareness of mental wellbeing but to also openly talk about suicide and about Cameron's journey.

‘If I can prevent one more life being lost to suicide, while I still have the breath in my nostrils then perhaps, just perhaps, Cameron's death won't be in vain. I will walk 600 miles and I will walk 600 more, just to be the man who keeps suicide from your door’

See the itinerary below. If you can join in for a hour, a day, a week to support this journey please do:

Creating safe spaces for lives impacted by suicide

Join us on our journey to understand what lies at the heart of mental, physical and societal safe spaces, ensuring that these are available to anyone affected by suicidal distress.

Independent, confidential and free help for everyone in the veterinary community including veterinary nurses, students and non-clinical staff.


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