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French Bulldogs: We Need To Act Now

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

New study from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) suggests urgent intervention is required as identified health issues of French Bulldogs are closely associated with its extreme body shape. This is something veterinary professionals have been extremely vocal on over the years however sadly the demand for these puppies continues to soar.

Urgent intervention is now required to reduce the high rate of health issues currently seen in the breed, we want to support breeders who aim to shift their puppies away from the extreme conformation and shape.

French Bulldogs are hugely popular in the UK, with demand for these breeds soaring in recent years.

However, this demand has resulted in huge and distressing welfare concerns, particularly with reference to breathing problems and eyes issues that are common in the breed.

Body exaggerations such as the flat face, big eyes and snuffly breathing that promote these health issues are often perceived as ‘cute’ or ‘normal’ for the breed and, worryingly, ‘desirable’. A study found that some owners thought more about aesthetics than longevity when picking their brachycephalic dog.

Although this focused on French bulldog, it is not unreasonable to think that similar issues will be seen with other brachycephalic breeds and we support the idea that brachycephalic breeding requires some substantial intervention to support the health and welfare of these popular pets who currently suffer considerable health implications due to their conformation.

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