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Dog Owner Etiquette

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Its okay he's friendly

A phrase all too common as a unknown dog runs up to your dog.

For some a dog walk is a time to switch off from the world and watch your canine companion get some physical and mental stimulation running, sniffing and exploring.

But for some owners dog walks can be fraught with anxiety. Why?

Because off lead dogs are being allowed, without prior authorisation, to approach their dogs. We all know that some dogs simply adore playing, and there is nothing more wonderful that those brief encounters with strangers on a walk when your playful pooch gets a chance to let off some steam and play. Chasing, rolling, play fighting. But this activity must be undertaken after first speaking to the owners.

No matter how kind and playful your dog is you must NOT allow them to approach others dogs (even if they are on or off lead).

There are a huge number of reasons for this:

  • In season

  • Sick or injured

  • Assistance dogs needing to concentrate

  • In training

  • Nervous, anxious, fearful

  • Reactive or aggressive

What you need:

Excellent recall before you let you dogs off. If not then you need to practice positive recall training, go to a rented dog field to let your dog blow off steam, use a lead or have them on a long training line.

Always keep your dog in sight. You do not know what is round the corner. There could be children, livestock, vehicles, hazards or dogs that should not be approached.

Watch out for a yellow warning.

Yellow Dog UK is an initiative when a yellow lead, bow, lead cover, coat can mean STAY AWAY. Please spread the word about this and be aware of your surroundings and mindful of others when walking your dogs.


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