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Caution with Cat Sales

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Cats Protection recently published their CATS report which highlighted some interesting points in cat health and welfare.

On of these issues was the accessibility of cats and kittens being sold over the internet, with an increase in bogus or poor welfare cats and kittens being sold.

Deborah Meaden in Cats Protection Report –

‘CATS 2021 has found that 68% of cats and kittens purchased in the last year were found online. Online shopping has undoubtedly become a huge part of our lives- particularly during the pandemic.
But when it comes to cats and kittens, buying online isn’t without risks. It is shocking how easy it is for unscrupulous seller to operate online and put profit before kitten welfare’

Shockingly an estimated 450 000 bought cats and kittens were found on Facebook, despite the fact that Facebook, between the years of 2016-17 took the decision to ban the sale of pets through its platform!

When the #VeterinaryVoices community was polled over 99% of veterinary professionals had experienced issues with cats or kittens sold over the internet.

Top issues raised were:

  • Kittens being sold as pedigree at high price that are in fact just a domestic short/ long hair cat. These cats make beautiful pets, but are being sold under false advertisement as pedigree at high prices when they are not pedigree

  • Cats being bred in poor welfare conditions and sold too young

  • Cats being sold extremely sick and in a very poor condition

  • Cats being sold in such poor condition and with such extensive disease they are unable to be saved by veterinary professionals despite best attempts

This website may help you with making decisions on pet purchases and help highlight 'red flags':


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